A property inspired by the historical architecture of the city and its cosmopolitan present. 
From its elegant entrance hall and stairwells, to the green areas in the inner courtyard, all residents can enjoy exclusive elevators and forward-looking details such as optional e-charging stations in the underground car park. This property is thoughtfully designed to meet the highest standards in quality.



Torstrasse in Berlin-Mitte impressively shows what makes Berlin that unique – the consensus of contrasts. Right in the heart of the German capital and not far from the main sights, a notable and urban living quality is emerging. 


Clean lines and classic elegance represent the architecture. This noble and minimalist frame gives the possibility for individual expression and is the foundation for the highest living comfort in the midst of the capital.
For ZIEL103 we engaged the renowned Hoyer Architekten Berlin, whose contributions to Berlins architectural fabric include numerous outstanding projects, such as Café Moscow, the E-Werk or the Hanging House.